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HoseKit hose and fittings are engineered to match HoseKit hose and fitting tolerances. The use of HoseKit fittings on hose supplied by other manufacturers may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended or authorized by HoseKit, approved distributors, or any other entity.

HoseKit or any of it's affiliates or subsidiaries shall not be subject to any disclaims any liabilities (including but not limited to all consequesntial, incidental and contingent damages) arising from tort claims (indluding without limitation negligence and strict liability) or other theories of law with respect to any hose assemblies not purchased directly from genuine HoseKit fittings, hose, and HoseKit approved equipment and in conformance with HoseKits process and product instructions for each specific hose assembly. 

Failure to follow processes and product instructions and limitations could lead to premature hose assembly failures resulting in property damage, serious injury or death.