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How to assemble the HKR2 style Multi_purpose Hose:

The “D” (Deduct) dimension is measured by the end of the fitting to the middle of the scribe line when the socket is screwed all the way in.

Wear safety glasses when cutting and assembling hose. Using a chop saw, fine  tooth hack saw or HK01 Hose cutters, cut hose at a right angle.

Using fresh oil or oil from your system, lubricate the cover where the socket will be attached to ease installation.

Using a vice or a wrench to hold socket, hand screw the hose into the socket using  counter-clockwise movement until it bottoms out, then ease the socket back 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn for a slight gap.

Using more oil, lubricate the inside of the socket and the outside threads of the nipple.

Using a wrench, turn nipple into socket in a clockwise direction until there is a 1/32” gap between the nipple and socket. Do not allow hose to turn when doing this step.