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Our bags are color coded for easy identification. 

The right hose for the right application is critical to ensure personal safety and prevent hose failure due to an application that exceeds the pressure rating of the HoseKit hose or incompatibility. On every hydraulic hose there is a layline which is written information in the form of ink or an impression on the hose. The layline will identify the specification (either US or European). This is how you identify a HoseKit will work in your application. Contact us at info@hosekit.com if you have a layline you would like us to identify. 

HKR2 Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Hose Kit

HKR2 Multi-Purpose HoseKits are designed for hydraulic oil only. Non-flammable hydraulic oil also known as Phosphate Ester Hose (SKYDROL) is not compatible with this hose. HoseKit hydraulic hose is made from a synthetic oil resistant rubber tube and oil and an ozone resistant rubber abrasion resistant cover. All fittings and adapters are plated steel for corrosion resistance. Operating temperature of the hose is -40C/-40F to 100C/212F. This hose is conductive. Never use a conductive hose in a non-conductive application. We can build a kit for you with specialty hose, please contact us.

If the specification of your lay-line matches any of the following, our kits will work for you. If there is any question, please contact us for clarification.

Meets or exceeds US / Standard SAE Specifications: (all sizes unless noted)

SAE 100R1
SAE 100R1 Type S
SAE 100R2A
SAE 100R2 Type S
SAE 100R7 (Note: Thermoplastic hose Black Only, orange is non-conductive and hosekit is not suitable)
SAE 100R8 (Note: Thermoplastic hose Black Only, orange is non-conductive and hosekit is not suitable)
SAE 100R16
SAE 100R16 Type S
SAE 100R17 (-4 [1/4"] to -12 [3/4"] hose sizes only, NOT -16 [1"] hose)

Meets or exceeds European Norm EN Specifications: (all sizes)

EN853 1ST 
EN853 1SN
EN853 2ST
EN853 2SN
EN857 1SC
EN857 2SC

Our hose and fittings are designed to be compatible with each other. Mixing of kit items and other hose and fittings is strictly prohibited. Fittings are designed to fit our hose only and are not compatible with other sources. HoseKit hose is NOT recommended for replacement on specialty applications or 4 wire /6 wire replacement. 

HKR5 DOT Transportation Hose Kit

The HKR5 100R5 Textile Braid Hose Kit is designed for general purpose truck hose and is DOT approved for use primarily in the transportation industry with medium pressure applications including petroleum-based hydraulic oil, air and water, and for use in air brakes, power steering, turbo oil lines, tilt cab cylinders, transmission of coolant and filtration lines. 

The textile braid on a SAE 100R5 hose will start with a layline when new but will get worn off or dirty over time so it is hard to identify by just the layline. If there is an R5, SAE R5 or SAE 100R5, has a textile braid cover and has a reduced bore size (Inside Diameter), please check pressure and temperature requirements for your application. 

Nitta HKR7 Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose Kit

The HKR7 Thermoplastic Kit is the Quick-Fix Hose Kit by Nitta Industries. It has the shiny black thermoplastic hose and comes with hose cutters, fittings, and adapters. The kit is a little different in what is included in the HoseKit produced products but is the same principle for replacement of failed thermoplastic hose assemblies with the ability to produce an assembly at your convenience. 

USCG Marine High Temp Fuel & Hydraulic Hose Hose Kit

Our USCG Hose kit uses United States Coast Guard approved hose and is complemented with stainless steel fittings and adapters packs. It was developed specifically for marine applications and carries USCG/MMT NMMA/ BIA approval. This kit also provides positive fire resistance in critical applications without using firesleeve.  The kits come with Brass plated steel wire hose and blue Eaton Aeroquip brand elastomer cover rated to +150C/+302F temperature, 2 x JIC/AN Brass or Stainless Steel Fittings, and a pack of Adapters in Stainless Steel to cover most every connection for most connection types in marine applications.

HKR14 PTFE (Teflon) Tube Stainless Steel Cover Hydraulic Hose Kit

HKR14 Stainless Steel Hydraulic hose offers some of the best in temperature ratings, chemical resistance, and resilience. When your application calls for PTFE / SS SAE 100R14 style hydraulic hose, keep this kit nearby and you will be ready for the next replacement. This kit includes PTFE/SS Hose, 2 x DIY JIC/AN Steel Fittings, and the adapter assortment to give straight, 45 degree, 90 degree elbow, Male Pipe, Female JIC, Female Pipe, Male JIC, Mail Oring Boss, Male Oring Face Seal, and Female Oring Face Seal style connections.