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HoseKits Are Hose Solutions That Work.

Time, careful thought and years of market experience have been combined into every HoseKit. From the corrosion inhibiting packaging that all metal parts are sealed in, to the broad coverage that each kit can satisfy. Our goal is to eliminate downtime, give a permanent replacement assembly, and eliminate frustration which comes from a hose failure. HoseKits are available on your schedule, without the need for expensive crimping equipment and are as reliable as a crimped hose. 

HKR2 HoseHKR2 MultiPurpose Hydraulic Hose Kit  
HKR2 Kits cover 1 and 2 wire hydraulic applications and are our most popular hose kit. Consisting of 2 wire hose, fittings, and an adapter pack to cover straight, 45 degree and 90 degree elbows and two of each fitting Male JIC, Male Pipe, Female JIC, Female Pipe, Male Oring Boss, Male Oring Face Seal, and Female Oring Face Seal. This covers all the standard SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) fittings in the USA. A supplemental International pack is available to round out a robust adapter assortment which covers just about any connection out there! See description on HKR2 series for complete details.

HKAC Hose  HKAC Universal Air Conditioning Hose Kit
Our Multi-size Universal AC Kit is comprised of Eaton Aeroquip EZClip style barrier hose in 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" Hose, Orings, Fittings (Straight, 45 degree, 90 degree and includes R134a service ports, clips, cages, grommets and refrigerant oil. Works for automotive and general service applications. EZ Clip Crimping Tool Required and sold separately. See description on HKAC series for complete details.

HKR7 HoseHKR7 Thermoplastic Hose Kit  
When your application requires thermoplastic hose, the HKR7 HoseKit provides a quick and easy solution for instant do-it-yourself results. Note that our standard HKR7 HoseKit is conductive. A non-conductive HKR7 hose is available as a custom kit (cherry pickers and boom trucks). The HKR7 kit comes with hose, fittings and the same adapter packs that are included with our multipurpose kit.

HKSS Hose  HKSS PTFE/Stainless Hose Kit
From fuel lines to hydraulics to chemical transfer, PTFE with a Stainless Steel outer cover provides benefits of high temperatures, strong abrasion resistance and a wide range of use for the tube. Not for use in aerospace applications. The HKSS kit combines the benefits of PTFE/SS hose, the convenience of DIY Fittings and an assortment of connections.

HKR5 HoseHKR5 100R5 Textile Braid Hose Kit  
General purpose truck hose DOT approved used primarily in the transportation industry with medium pressure applications including petroleum-based hydraulic oil, air & water, for use in air brakes, power steering, turbo oil lines, tilt cab cylinders, transmission of coolant and filtration lines. The HKR5 series include hose, DIY fittings and the SAE adapter assortment which includes adapters for 45 degree and 90 degree elbows, as well as many other USA standard connections. For more information on the HKR5 series kit please see HKR5 descriptions. 

HKCG Hose  HKCG USCG Approved Fuel/Oil Hose Kit
Stainless steel fittings and adapters complete this Aeroquip brand brass plated & braided FC234 US Coast Guard approved hose for marine applications. When a backup plan, failure prevention or redundancy is paramount to your success, you will always be ready for any hose failure - which keeps you on mission, safer, and on time for critical operations. Designed specifically for self-sufficiency no matter where your orders take you. See the HKCG series HoseKits for contents and description. Military applications that do not require stainless steel or marine application hose should review the capabilities of the HKR2 Multipurpose Hydraulic Hose Kit. 



Different types of Hose
There are many different types of hose that can be included in a HoseKit. We have selected the most popular but can make a kit based on your needs.

Different types of Fittings
DIY Field Attachable fittings come in a variety of connections. If they exist, we can make a kit with them. Brass & Stainless Steel fittings also available.

Different types of Adapters
With so many different adapters in the MRO market, we can build a unique kit with the right range of connections for you. Options in Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel. 

Modified HoseKit Contents
We've tried to make the most comprehensive kits on the market to meet your needs. With jump size fittings, specialty connections and hose accessories, you can modify to exactly what is required when you experience a hose failure.

Equipment Specific Kits
Create a kit specific to your machine, vehicle or equipment that when the time fails, you can make any hose on it. This allows you to eliminate downtime, job penalties and get back to work fast.